Our extra virgin olive oil ENORO comes from 100% camomile olives from the Sevillian countryside. This variety of olives is unique in this area, so it exists in no other part of the world where it is produced. We take care of the raw material in the most minimum detail, being of course of first quality and harvested in its optimum moment and ground as soon as possible so that it does not ferment and does not lose its qualities.

As the main characteristic of our oil, we show its potency and flavor, as well as its aroma, being the union of these a perfect balance in palate and smell, which makes it a special and unparalleled oil. To describe it we have to think of a green and fresh aroma, with medium-high intensity, with touches of freshly cut grass, banana and tomato “A luxury for our palate”.

To this perfect raw material, as is the variety, we must add a fine and careful process of cold processing, in order to maintain all those organoleptic and healthy qualities, such as high levels of antioxidants (helps prevent aging) and in polyphenols (prevents cardiovascular diseases). We can say with that, olive oil is a fundamental and essential ingredient of the “Mediterranean Diet”.

Our history

Young but experienced company in the olive sector

We are a young company but experienced in the olive sector, as we are backed by 15 years of experience in the purchase and sale of Manzanillas olives. Due to the great existence of this variety of olives in the dressing and the scarce presence of this product in the field of oil; Our company opted strongly for the project “ENORO: extra virgin olive oil extracted from 100% manzanilla olives from the countryside region”.

This project made us adapt to the new circumstances in order to increase our goals by installing an oil extraction plant, better known as “ALMAZARA”. This mill is located in the region of “La Campiña”, specifically in Arahal, being one of the largest producers of table olives worldwide.