Large consumption


Formats designed for daily use and consumption. Its wide range of capacities is perfectly adapted to the client.

5 Liters filling PET

2 Liters filling PET

1 Liter filling PET

Flacon Glass 500ml


Horeca Channel

This sector is characterized by the great diversity of its customers. That is why we divide our formats into two ranges depending on the packaging, but always certifying the highest quality ENORO. Packaging adapted to regulations Royal Decree 895/2013, of November 15 where the new norms are established for a correct labeling and use of containers with non-refillable stoppers to ensure their correct traceability and food safety.

Half restoration

It is a Pet container (plastic), it is cheaper and less heavy, being thus more resistant to shock and impact.

500ml filling PET

750ml filling PET

250ml filling PET

High restoration

Attractive packaging that in addition to conquering the palate capture the consumer’s visual image.

Bell 500ml

Athena 250ml



There are moments in life that are special in themselves, there are unique details which make them unforgetttable moments. That is why ENORO launches its gourmet-events range with the most exquisite and sophisticated packaging.

Square 100ml

Gourmet 250ml

Heart 100ml

Violin 100ml

Seville 100ml

Wave 100ml

Tear 100ml

Isabel 100ml

Piramide 100ml

Esmerald 100ml

Rubis 100ml